2018 winners Are Announced!

2018 Competition Theme: "americans at work"

Every year the American Icon Art Competition asks artists throughout the world to submit their interpretation of iconic American imagery.  Winners receive cash prizes and have their work exhibited at the prestigious Sausalito Art Festival.

This year's theme is "Americans At Work," so your competition submissions should capture the diversity of what American workers do, who American workers are, and the locations where they do their work.

Competition winners will earn $3000 in cash prizes and have their work exhibited at one of America's leading art festivals.

See the winning entrees here.

See the winning entries at the American Icon Art Competition Exhibition Sept 1-3.

2018 American Icon competition theme: "americans at work"

celebrating the american worker.

who they are. what they do. where they do it.

America is the land of opportunity because it allows those who work hard to be rewarded for their efforts. The American work ethic is legendary and American workers are celebrated for their innovation and productivity

But, it’s not only the successful or celebrated worker that makes America great; the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker; the doctor, lawyer, and engineer; the blue, white and pink collars. Those who work inside and those who work outside. On land, sea and air. Rich and poor.

The diversity of what American workers do, is matched only by who the American workers are. Immigrants from all over the world have helped to make America what it is, and continue to do so.

This year’s American Icon Art Competition theme “Americans at Work” is your chance to show the world your interpretation of the American worker. Who they are. What they do. Where they do it.

The American Icon Art Competition is an opportunity to foster the personal expression of American imagery:

  • We seek submissions by both professional and amateur artists
  • Open to photography, painting, drawing, sculpture and mixed media
  • World-recognized and long-established artists and creative professionals will judge all entries
  • Cash prizes of $3,000
  • Winners will be exhibited in a dedicated presentation venue at the world famous Sausalito Art Festival over Labor Day Weekend
  • Exhibition video will be exhibited online
  • Deadline to enter is August 5, 2018
  • All proceeds from the Sausalito Art Festival and the American Icon Art Competition are used to promote the arts through scholarships, grants, education programs and public events that encourage, promote, and support the arts for the community